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Capcom Digital Collection – Xbox 360

Capcom Digital Collection - Xbox 360

Available at retail for the first time exclusively on the Xbox 360, Capcom Digital Collection is jam-packed with eight hit games previously available via Microsoft Xbox LIVE Arcade. The eclectic collection features a wide variety of popular titles at a great value that is sure to please gamers of all ages and experience levels.

  • Collection Of Hit Games: Features eight titles never before released at retail. The compilation consists of: 1942: Joint Strike, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Final Fight Double Impact (includes Final Fight and Magic Sword), Flock!
  • Also includes: Rocketmen: Axis of Evil including Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus expansion, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3.
  • FAITHFUL CONTENT: Each game in the collection maintains all features, online functionality and Achievements from the previous digital versions.
  • GREAT VALUE: At an MSRP of .99, the collection provides a great entertainment value. Purchased individually via download, this assembly of games would be more than double the cost.

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  1. 22 of 23 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    I give this my “M. Bison’s seal of approval”, July 15, 2012

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Capcom Digital Collection – Xbox 360 (Video Game)
    CAPCOM you surprise me.

    This collection includes 8 Xbox Live Arcade games (9 if you include Magic Sword that comes with Final Fight), making this the biggest XBLA game collection to date (excluding SEGA GENESIS COLLECTION but that’s technically not an XBLA game collection). The value is worth about $90 if you download all the games (and the DLC for Rocketmen) separately. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN AT LEAST 3 OF THESE GAMES, THIS COLLECTION IS WORTH THE $40. If you can get it for less then it is a steal.
    Many of these games have either VS. and/or Co-op for both offline and online.

    The games featured:
    1) SUPER STREET FIGHTER 2 TURBO- HD REMIX: yet another remake of a classic fighting game, new graphics are nice, music of crisp, (though I still prefer the CD tracks from the old DOS game for a lot of characters) it’s still awesome.

    2) Final Fight: Double Impact: similar to STREETS of RAGE, an arcade brawler.
    (Bonus game) Magic Sword: arcade game that is a little like castlevania. -Both feature filters to make the graphics look better.

    3) 1942 Joint Strike: a classic arcade shoot-em up, HD remake look good.

    4) Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD remix – casual and cute VS. puzzle game that anyone can play and enjoy, featuring some well known CAPCOM characters (from Street Fighter and DARKSTALERS!!!). The graphics aren’t as good as some of the other games but it is easily the most addictive.

    5) Bionic Commando 2- Rearmed: an HD sequal to a platformer/shooter classic, didn’t play much but it looks great.

    6) Wolf of the Battlefield- Commando 3: a “from above view” old school style arcade shooter that is fun to play in co-op.

    7) Rocketmen axis of evil: similar to WOTB:C3 above, but with some RPG elements to it. Suffers from a lot of little glitches. DLC included on the disc but need to be installed on HDD to work. – An OK game overall especially with friends.

    8) FLOCK! is a zany casual puzzle game involving herding animals.

    To conclude, this is a solid game collection, featuring many great games along with a few newer ones. Great competitive and Co-op action at an affordable cost. I hope CAPCOM gives the same treatment for some of their other classics (like Cyberbots, and Darkstalkers) though it probably won’t happen any time soon. If you are interested in this collection take a look at for some gameplay videos of these games and see for yourself.

    A final note, if you have a 3D-TV that does 2D to 3D conversion, most of these games (especially SSF2T-HD Remix) look phenomenal!!!


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  2. 8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    This is $100 Worth in One Collection, Do Not Miss It, November 2, 2012
    Jason Dodge (Milaca, MN United States) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Capcom Digital Collection – Xbox 360 (Video Game)
    This is easily the BEST collection of Xbox Live Arcade games that has become available on disc. Even at the original price of $40, paying for each of the 8 titles separetly would cost $100 on the Xbox marketplace (as of November, 2012) (and includeing the Rocketmen DLC). But currently you should be able to buy this for $30 new, and about $15-$20 used. Which means if you’re thinking about buying one of the currently-priced games at $15 (either Bionic Comando: Rearmed 2, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, or Flock) then you might as well consider buying this collection. The other five games in the collection are still priced at $10 on the marketplace, so even if only two hold your interest right now, you’re still better off getting the collection. Even if Capcom had a huge blowout sale at 50% off, all these games would still cost you $50.

    Each of the 8 games is the same version you’d find digitally on the Xbox marketplace, all the features, achievments, and multiplayer support is exactly the same, and players using this disc collection can easily play with those that bought the original digital versions. Plus you’ll always have a physical copy of the game, even if Capcom desides to discontinue and remove any of these games in the future. Of course, you still need the disc in order to play anything.

    The High-Profile Games:
    Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 — (currently still 1200 points on marketplace) The well-recieved sequal to the original digital remake of the classic NES title. This second game is unhindered by needing to be designed by the constraints of the original, and is favored amoung the fans, plus it adds 2-player coop through the whole campaign.

    Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo HD Remix — (1200 points) A faithfully reproduced HD version of one of the best fighting games around, and its online net code offers some of the smoothest online play for a series that is renowned and requires split-second timing.

    Final Fight: Double Impact — (800 points) Is actually two arcade ports in one, the original Final Fight and another Capcom action game, Magic Sword. Not only do we finally get the definative arcade port of Final Fight, both games have a number of visual options and settings. You can play the original version, add a bluring effect to smoth out some of the edges, add scanlines, and you can taper the edges of the screen like a real arcade cabinet (or combine some effects).

    Flock — (1200 points) It’s kinda a strech to call this a “high-profile” game, but it is the only other game that still retails for $15, and I’ve NEVER seen it on sale since its release. You basically heard sheep in the game, but its rather fun and addictive, and there’s a good amount of content to keep you busy. If you were always curious about this game, but never thought it was worth the $15, then this collection is the BEST way to experience it.

    Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo HD Remix — (800 points) is certainly worth checking out. It has fun, simple yet addictive gameplay the has graced the series for years.

    Wolf of the Battlefield — (800 points) is actually a direct sequal to the original Commando arcade series. Its the third in the series, and it tries to modernize the Commando-style action. Its not a horrible game, but its not a highlight of the package.

    The rest of the games are enjoyable, but are mostly there to round out the collection. Rocketmen: Axis of Evil (800 points) can be a lot of fun, and you also get the DLC pack (worth 400 points) with it, so at least you get a good amount of content. 1942 (800 points) is a simple HD interpretation of the original acrcade classic.


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  3. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Capcom Digital Collection, May 26, 2013

    This review is from: Capcom Digital Collection – Xbox 360 (Video Game)
    Capcom Digital Collection is jam-packed with eight hit games previously available via Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360. The collection features popular titles including Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Final Fight: Double Impact (which includes both Final Fight and Magic Sword), 1942: Joint Strike, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Commando 3, Rocketmen (including both Axis of Evil and It Came From Uranus packs,) and Flock! All eight games will be available together on a disc at retail for the first time. Each game preserves all the features, online functionality and Achievements from their download versions.

    1942: JOINT STRIKE — Maneuver WWII-era aircrafts and take on huge waves of incoming enemy fire, duck and dodge explosions and missiles while challenging huge enemy bosses. Recruit a wing man and employ new “Joint Strike” attacks, combining the powers of both aircrafts into one devastating barrage. With new weapons and power ups in the arsenal, prepare to rejoin the battle!

    BIONIC COMMANDO REARMED 2 — Equipped with his famous bionic arm, Nathan “Rad” Spencer swings back into action in order to stop General Sabio from launching a deadly missile strike. Swing, leap, and shoot through lush new environments while encountering countless enemies and huge bosses throughout the island of Papagaya in this retro side-scrolling action game.

    FINAL FIGHT: DOUBLE IMPACT — Players are taken on a hard-hitting journey with the quintessential versions of arcade classics Final Fight and Magic Sword. Both games feature HD-filtered graphics, a host of unlockables to discover, an integrated online leaderboard, and seamless online and local co-op multiplayer modes.

    FLOCK — Ready the cornfields and lock up the livestock, because Flock! is here! Use a unique UFO tractor beam to herd and protect cute, cuddly animals back to the mothership through more than 50 sandbox puzzles rife with dangers. Players can flock with a friend or create and share crazy levels online with a built-in level editor.

    ROCKETMEN — Join the Rocketmen and the Alliance of Free Planets in a white-knuckled struggle to free the solar system from the tyrannical grip of the Legion of Terra in this RPG-style shooter. Players have the choice to save the galaxy alone or cooperatively with up to three other players over Xbox LIVE or locally on the same console. The original Axis of Evil pack is joined by the popular expansion pack Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus which features three new levels to explore and additional weapons.

    SUPER PUZZLE FIGHTER II TURBO HD REMIX — Brings together the worlds of Street Fighter, Darkstalkers and other Capcom characters to provide extremely addictive puzzle mayhem. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix features 1080p HD graphics, several new game modes and improved game balance. Gamers can enjoy single player, local & online versus modes or just watch other players duke it out.

    SUPER STREET FIGHTER II TURBO HD REMIX — One of the most popular games of the early ’90s is reborn! Updated with 1080p HD redrawn art and widescreen support, this updated version of the innovative fighting game offers a unique experience that appeals to new fans and Street Fighter purists alike. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix includes both online and offline competition for one or two players.

    WOLF OF THE BATTLEFIELD: COMMANDO 3 — One of the most popular arcade shooters is back! Players blast their way to victory utilizing a huge arsenal of weaponry, controllable vehicles and a rag-tag group of specialized soldiers. Up to three players can enjoy the classic arcade-style experience together on a single console or online. With a comprehensive scoring system and online leaderboards, players can see how they compare to the best digital soldiers in the world.


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