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Escort Passport Max2 HD Radar Detector

Escort Passport Max2 HD Radar Detector

The new standard in ticket protection. The new PASSPORT Max2 delivers breakthrough radar performance like no other. It provides ultimate range and accuracy and enables you to drive worry-free. Now with built in Bluetooth technology the PASSPORT Max2 gives you access to ESCORT’s award-winning app, ESCORT Live. Our exclusive real-time ticket-protection network, which warns you of upcoming alerts received and reported by other users in the area, and gives you access to local speed limit data for over-speed alerts. Max2 also comes pre-loaded with red light and speed camera locations throughout North America. Weekly updates are available to keep you up-to-date with the latest changes in North America.

  • Max2 has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology
  • All-new receiver incorporates advanced military technology called Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • New Multi-Color OLED Display
  • The PASSPORT Max2 can be set up for your specific type of driving and personal preference
  • Intelligence is also packed into this ticket-protecting marvel

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What customers say about Escort Passport Max2 HD Radar Detector?

  1. 156 of 161 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Very capable all-around plug-and-play radar detector., October 8, 2014
    Ariel (Seattle, WA) –

    This review is from: Escort Passport Max2 HD Radar Detector (Electronics)

    This is a very capable all-around plug-and-play radar detector. There are other detectors which may excel in other areas here and there, but this is one of the easiest to mount in your vehicle and get top tier performance. Think of it as a jack of all trades but a master of none.

    I’ve had a chance to test out a prerelease pilot production Max2 for a little while. I’ve also owned a 9500ix, V1, STi-R Plus, and two Redlines, so I’m most interested in how it compares to other high end radar detectors.

    You can think of the Max2 as a faster, longer range, more feature rich version of the 9500ix. It’s identical to the original Max with the exception of having the bluetooth integrated in the detector itself so you don’t need an external Live cable. Also the Live cables are Android or iOS only whereas the Max2’s bluetooth chip is cross-platform so it works with both.

    Let’s do a breakdown of the different aspects of the Max’s performance and featureset, as well as how it compares to other detectors on the market.

    Range: This is one of the most important qualities of the detector, picking up signals far away and giving you enough time to slow down. The range is one of the best you can get. It will perform better than most other detectors on the market. Its range is on par with a custom swept Valentine 1. Escort’s own M3-based radar detectors like the Redline, STi-R Plus, or 9500ci actually have a better antenna (M3 horn vs. M5 horn) that gives it longer detection range. The Max2 has a more sophisticated brain to analyze things in software which provides other benefits we’ll get to in just a moment, but when it comes to detecting signals far far away, it’s all about the horn. In this area, the Max2 is one of the best but not THE best.

    Reactivity/Speed: Another important area is how fast the detector is at alerting to very brief signals. This is important both for catching really fast shots at closer range where a police officer is trying to clock cars without alerting radar detectors in the area, as well as for catching signals far away at the edge of your detection range where the signal may go in and out. The Max and Max2’s software analysis allows it to scan all the radar frequencies really really quickly and alert to any very brief signals. This is one of the biggest improvements relative to the 9500ix which would miss many of the faster alerts. The Max2 will help solve this. Technically a segmented Redline and custom swept Valentine 1 are still faster in this area, but all of the detectors will still alert very well to any very brief alerts in the real world. The Max2 does a great job at alerting to brief alerts.

    False alerts & GPS lockouts: One of the cool abilities of the Max2 is that it automatically learns the false alerts in the areas where you drive and learns to ignore them over time. This applies to stationary false alert sources like speed signs, gas stations, shopping centers, and grocery stores with those automatic door openers, for example. It learns the location and frequency of those signals and over time learns to ignore them so it becomes quieter as you use it with the goal of alerting only when it’s a real threat. It does a good job with stationary false alerts. Because it’s integrated into the detector, it happens automatically and doesn’t require any additional hardware. The Redline can do this too, but it requires an Escort Live module and subscription, as well as a phone to do the lockouts, and all the lockouts have to be done manually. The V1 allows you to do GPS lockouts as well with the free Android only app YaV1, and it’s also automatic like the Max2, but it requires an additional bluetooth module (V1C) and phone to achieve this just like the Redline. The Max2 is much more integrated and automatic in this respect.

    False alerts from blind spot vehicles: This is one of the toughest things for radar detectors to deal with and filter out. Many new cars have blind spot monitoring systems and collision avoidance systems that are radar based. Sometimes these systems use frequencies that are identical to that used by police radar and so filtering these out is very very tricky. Different companies like Escort, Whistler, Valentine, and so on all have various techniques for dealing with these. Unfortunately Escort’s implementation still leaves something to be desired. The Max2 still falses quite a bit to blind spot vehicles, even with the most aggressive filtering settings enabled like Auto mode and TSR on. While it does do a pretty decent job, again other detectors may do a better job filtering these out without requiring the same performance penalties of reduced sensitivity on K/X band (auto mode) or delayed alerting (TSR). One of the big hopes of Escort’s new DSP is that it can allow for more sophisticated processing and analysis to recognize false alerts from moving vehicles and filter these out, but just like the…

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  2. 118 of 125 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Escort Passport Max and Max2 – “Jack of all trades and master of few”, November 10, 2014

    This review is from: Escort Passport Max2 HD Radar Detector (Electronics)

    The Max2 is the exact same radar detector as the original Max with only the addition of internal Bluetooth this time. Think of the Max 2 as a faster, longer range, more feature rich version of the 9500ix (another older Escort radar detector), just like the original Max is.

    I own both detectors (Max, Max 2, Redline and X50) and will give you the information I have learned from both the Max and Max 2. This is a very long in depth review overall, so I have attempted to make a very short breakdown of the detector (if you are short on time) here at the top and a more in-depth review/breakdown further into this review (section titled “More in depth review of the Max 2”).

    Range: 3 (out of 5) stars – The Max on tests has shown to be inconsistent. It has shown to offer not as much range as a segmented Escort Redline (Escort’s flagship range performance detector). It will sometimes best the Valentine One but then sometimes trail it. It has more range then the previous 9500ix.

    Speed of the detector: 5 (out of 5) stars – Here is where the Max shines/excels. While you can not segment the Max, it is quicker then every single detector out there (regardless if they are segmented or not). This doesn’t mean it will pick up the furthest signal, this just means that when it does detect a signal (or multiple signals) it will alert the fastest. It is great at picking up multiple signals at once.

    Not alerting to false alerts (non law enforcement/non speed recording radar): – 3 (out of 5) stars – This is an area where the Max and Max 2 are good at. They have built in GPS to help learn signals that are constantly present at a particular location and lock them out. These signals are learned by making multiple passes past a particular location that has a constant radar source (like a door opener at your local retailer). Its firmware and settings really can make the unit a lot more quiet then other flagships. However, while the Max is good at locking out static/non stationary signals and is getting better a locking out moving signals, it still struggles with dynamic/moving radar emissions such as blind spot monitors from vehicles. More on this later (in the indepth review).

    Stealth: – Unfortunately, this unit is not stealth and is not invisible to local law enforcement looking for your radar detector using “radar detector detector” equipment. Like most radar detectors (but not all) this radar detector emanates a small radar signature which can be detected by law enforcement equipment.

    Features: – 5 (out of 5) stars – The Max is feature rich and could be considered the Cadillac of Escort radar detectors. You can adjust color of the font to multiple colors. It shows you your current speed. If connected to live, it shows you the posted speed limit, registered red light cameras and air patrols.

    Ease of use: – 5 (out of 5) stars – The Max 2 is ready to use and provide you great protection right outside the box. This is in contrast to many detectors on the market today (even the flagships) that require you to segment them and program them to turn certain radar bands and radar frequency ranges off, disable or enable certain settings and otherwise do more to it then just take it out of the box, plug it in, attach it to your windshield and drive.

    Construction quality: – 1 (out of 5) stars – The Max felt cheaply made and the Max 2 is no different. There were multiple issues with the Max out the gate regarding the unit breaking and doing weird things. More on this in the following section

    Updates: – 2 (out of 5) stars: While Escort has touted this unit as highly upgradable and they did do multiple updates to fix bugs and add a small amount of requests to the Max, the Max still has a long way to go regarding updating its firmware/software to continue to quiet the unit down from false alerts and to get features added multiple people have been asking for (more on this later).

    Conclusion: – 3 (out of 5) stars: While expensive (and possibly over priced), the Max is a good all in one detector. The Max is a “jack of all trades and master of none”. If you can afford it, the Max 2 is a good radar detector if you are interested in good radar protection without having to mess with/program a unit, you want reasonable false alert suppression (especially if you live in a city/urban environment) and you like the features the Max has to offer. If you live (or regularly drive) in an area with a lot of falses and limiting these false alerts is the utmost concern to you (over price and detection range/performance) and do not already own the original Max, then I would recommend picking up the Max 2. If you already have an original Max, don’t worry about getting a Max 2 as it is exactly the same detector (build, features etc.) as the original.

    More in depth review of the Max 2


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  3. 41 of 42 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Exceptional range and false-signal rejection. User interface and ergonomics leave a lot to be desired., March 5, 2015
    Slipstreampilot (Pensacola Florida) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Escort Passport Max2 HD Radar Detector (Electronics)

    I would like to open this review stating that this is my 6th Escort/Passport radar detector, and my 8th radar detector overall that I’ve owned.

    My review of this detector specifically deals with Radar detection, not Laser detection. The Laser detection capabilities are an unknown quantity here due to the fact the police and highway patrol in my area do not use them. Unfortunately, there are several tests that have shown the MAX/MAX2 are not good Laser detectors. In reality – this is not a huge issue because most windshield mounted detectors are useless (essentially ticket detectors) against LIDAR. You really need a jammer if you need protection against LIDAR – and Escort makes an excellent one.

    Overall, this is the most sensitive detector – with the longest positive detection range that I’ve owned. The false signal rejection capabilities of this detector have also taken the great advances in the 9500 and IQ detectors to the next level.

    With that being said – there are a number issues with this detector design that downgrade it from a 5 star rating to 4 stars (and almost to 3 stars). Those issues involve user ergonomics and interface (to include the display and audio) and detector mounting issues (mainly detaching from the windshield mount). While detection range is clearly the fundamental bedrock of radar detector performance – the effective and clear conveyance of detected signals is just as important. The MAX/MAX2’s shortfalls are in this critical area – user interface and ergonomics.

    I’ll first outline my grading criteria and then get into specifics regarding each area.
    Here is how I came up with my “4-star” rating (which would have been a 3.5-star rating – if that existed):
    1) Sensitivity/range: 5
    2) False positive/false signal rejection: 5
    3) Display clarity/warning: 2.5
    4) Audio clarity/warning: 2.5
    5) Overall ergonomics: 3
    6) Sticky Cup mount: 3.75 (would be a 4.5 if not for issues in #7)
    7) Ease of attaching/detaching detector to OEM mount: 3

    To help you understand my perspective in this review, here’s a little background information about my experience (beyond being an experienced owner of radar detectors since the mid-80s):
    I served for over 20 years in the Navy, with my early years specializing in electronic warfare. Following that experience I became a Navy pilot. Both experiences gave me extensive experience in the operation, passive detection and avoidance of highly sophisticated radar systems.

    As I have already stated – the positive detection range of the MAX2 is tremendous. The last two detectors I owned before the MAX2 were the Passport IQ and the 9500IX. The detection range of the MAX2 is (in certain circumstances) easily 1.5 times greater than the 9500IX, and in some specific circumstances the MAX2 is even greater than 1.5 for the IQ (which I still own) – and the IQ is not a slouch either. This takes some time getting used to, due to the fact your previous expectations related to reaction time can cause you to overreact to warnings when using the MAX2. In other words – the MAX2 gives you (in certain circumstances) significantly more warning time than afforded by almost any other detector available (with the exception of the Redline perhaps), and does it with easily the best designed and performing false-signal rejection logic available (which is what separates it from all other long-range detectors). I would have to say this reaction time difference was the only adaptive issue I have had to deal with. Otherwise – the MAX is operationally similar to nearly every other Escort/Passport detector I have owned.

    Now on to my negative critiques:
    – The display is sub-par and disappointingly small for an electronic device at this price point. The display is no larger and provides no more utility (in any effective measure) than my old 9500IX’s simple LED display. While the display is slightly nicer than the 9500’s display (adjustable color is the advantage), I would take a price break on the MAX (with its current detection performance) if it incorporated the 9500’s cheaper display.
    – The Bluetooth interface of the MAX 2 with my iPhone (through the Escort Live app) is slow (delayed) and glitchy – and the Bluetooth bugs in the original firmware indicate a product that was not 100% ready for production (or Escort does not have a good handle on outsourced production). Furthermore, Escort has been pathetically slow in adopting Apple related software/interfaces – which is foolishly shortsighted from a marketing standpoint.
    – The MAX’s audio is not as clear nor is it as loud as the 9500 or IQ – and is easily overridden by moderate nose levels – to include music, open window and/or top-down driving. My old 9500 had the loudest and clearest audio…

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