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Iron Man – Sony PSP

Iron Man - Sony PSP

Iron Man, one of Marvel’s most indestructible Super Heroes, is blasting onto video game platforms and the big screen next year. The epic, action-packed Marvel Studios production will be directed by John Favreau and stars Robert Downey Jr., Jeff Bridges, Terrance Howard and Gwyneth Paltrow. This third-person action game will immerse players in explosive militaristic combat from the film with loads of additional content created exclusively for the game.

  • 3rd-person action game with explosive militaristic combat from the film, plus loads of additional content
  • Iron Man alone battles armies of fighter jets, military tanks, armored Super Villains, and more
  • Direct power to different parts of Iron Man¿s suit, creating a variety of unique attacks
  • Open-ended battlefields create adrenaline-packed combat filled with unpredictable challenges
  • Freely move anywhere in the environment and make seamless transitions between ground combat and open air flight

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What customers say about Iron Man – Sony PSP?

  1. 26 of 26 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Doesn’t Deliver, May 3, 2008
    FlatlinerX_X (Cali) –

    This review is from: Iron Man – Sony PSP (Video Game)
    First, ignore most of what you see as far as information regarding this game. Most if not all of the Screen-shots and trailers are for the PS3 and Xbox360 version, that includes the info amazon has posted for this game.

    I really wanted to like this game but ended up disappointed with a few aspects. I’m not saying its a bad game but my recommendation is to wait till this game comes down in price. I don’t feel its worth it right now to pay 30$ to 40$ when the game only lasts a couple of hours, it also lacks the kind of in-depth game play that makes this worth the money.

    The Game itself is ridiculously easy, playing on normal I finished the game without any real difficulties (froze once) with only a couple hours of game play. The first two levels are tutorials teaching you to move and fly, and theres no way to skip these that I could find. In battle you use either your Repulsar Rays, Gatling Gun, Rockets, or Melee; And you can adjust your armor to heighten Propulsion(flight), Armor(defense), Weapon(repulsar), or Even(balanced). Going threw you’ll have to switch around weapon and armor configurations to face the different enemies or get around quick. As you play you’ll probably wish you had a second analog stick to look around since you have to use the X,O,[],<, buttons and theres no way to reconfigure the setup in this regard.

    “Open World” is one of the selling points for the game, the freedom to move anywhere on the battlefield. But if your like me you’ll still feel limited in many of the levels. A low “ceiling” and invisible walls prevent you from really exploring the world, which is usually unnecessary with most enemies grouped in one area anyway. Some of the levels are downright tiny.

    Another feature is the instant kill ability for vehicles. First you have to weaken the vehicle and get into range, some of the vehicles it can be difficult to get in the proper position like with tanks. Theres basically three animations for the instant kill; flipping a jeep, smashing a tank with its own turret, and punching a helicopter. The helicopter animation is nothing special, but the instant kills refill all your power systems.

    In all of the info you find on the game it says you get to take on Fighter Jets. At no point in the game does that ever happen, even though its prominently featured in the movie. So no Man vs Jet dogfighting unfortunately; which is dissapointing since flying as Iron Man once you get the hang of it is pretty fun, but you don’t really get to do it much.

    Graphics go anywhere from good to bad, and we’re talking psp standards. In the first few levels the environments and enemies you face are bland and boring, some look downright terrible. But its a mixed bag, some of the later levels look pretty good and some of the later enemies actually look pretty cool. The best would be the cut scenes which look to be taken from the console versions and Iron Man himself. The armor pretty much being the star of all the comics and the movie looks good here. The detail on most of the armors is impressive.

    Sound and music in the game are nothing special and for the most part forgettable, that includes the voice acting from the movie stars themselves.

    As you play through the game you unlock multiple armors; just for appearances, they don’t (from what I can tell)give any kind of special abilities or attributes. In the PSP version you unlock-

    -Mark I (movie)
    -Mark II (movie)
    -Mark III (movie)
    -Gold Original Armor
    -Titanium Man (video game variant)

    The last unlock Titanium Man isn’t actually an Iron Man armor, since Titanium Man is a villain from the comics that makes a few appearances in the game. Also in my opinion looks the coolest as hes been redesigned for the game.

    You Iron Fans might be pleased to know that you get to face down some classic Iron Man villians. Such as Blacklash(Mark Scarlotti), The Melter(Bruno Horgan), Titanium Man (Boris Bullski), and Madam Masque(Whitney Frost). Though most of them look nothing like their comic counterparts.

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  2. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    solid rental, May 24, 2008
    ***** (Fairfax, Virginia United States) –

    This review is from: Iron Man – Sony PSP (Video Game)
    I agree with almost everything the first reviewer wrote.
    I don’t believe the value can be compared to other games of the same price so I would wait until it’s around the $20 range. Or what you can do is rent it for like a week. You should be able to beat the game at normal in that time frame. I am a fan of Iron Man and I enjoyed the movie so of course I’m going to check out the video game for the PSP. Be aware that a lot of the published video clips to video game websites and even Amazon.com shows you the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 version of the game. If you want to see the PSP version, I would suggest going to YouTube and make sure there are no watermarks from the source of the video. Chances are, it’s not the PSP version. I thought controlling Iron Man was pretty decent. Flying is fun but you don’t get a large enough environment to really indulge in it. I like the repulser rays and machine guns but I have a problem with the rockets. I guess realistically, it takes a while for it to go off so maybe it shouldn’t be a real complaint but in terms of action gaming, that could be annoying. Your suit weapons get upgraded so maybe later on in the game, you get a more rapid firing rocket launcher. It’s still cool to actually play as Iron Man and do everything you know he’s capable of doing. I thought the missions were diverse enough to keep your fun factor active. It wasn’t all run and gun but lets face it, Iron Man is all about heavy artillery so you want to maximize that for your own leisure. The graphics are OK but at least they put a lot of detail around the Iron Man and the animation is pretty cool no matter what action he’s taken. I’m giving it 3 out of 5 simply because it is a pretty decent game but I know for a fact that it has the potential to be greater. There are 3rd person action games on the PSP market that are better. Maybe if RockStar or Sony Bend developed the game, it would’ve been a lot better.
    By the way, the voice acting is rubbish. What makes that sad is that they’re the same critically acclaimed actors from the movie. I think if you’re a fan of Iron Man then you should rent it first and then decide for yourself weather you want to follow through with the purchase.
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  3. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Iron Man: an okay game, July 9, 2008

    This review is from: Iron Man – Sony PSP (Video Game)
    This is a pretty good game, but it just dont really last, I beat it in a day and a half.

    The graphics are pretty good for a psp game, although some things look better than others. The controls are also pretty good, but sometimes they can get alittle hard to use.There is five weapons in the game, repulsors, missles, rockets, machine gun and pulse rifle. Missles and rockets are basicly the same thing, except rockets are easier to fire and you can fire quite a few at once[depends on level]. Missles are a slightly slower, stronger variant of the rockets, but also miss more often. The machine gun and pulse rifle works similarly as well. Pulse=less ammo, bigger punch. You can guess what the machine gun does then.

    There is not to many levels in the game, some can be long and huge while others are short,small. The final boss is to easy, when compared to the other boses he’s the easiest.

    Like what has been said, there is seven suits to use, but none really do anything. Bonus content is nothing all the special, there is a few trailers and stuff, and some concept art that you can unlock by finding hidden weapon crates in most levels. The “races” are okay, but the difficulty needs to be balanced out some. The levels where you are timed on how many enemies you can kill in a set amount of time is also, needs to be rebalanced too.

    This game is a decent buy, but when[or if] you get it dont expect a long game, enjoy what it has, because you probably will if you even just enjoy the character of iron man.

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