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Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset

Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset

The dual-function GN9350 wireless headset provides high performance in both traditional and PC-based telephone environments. It provides all the benefits of hands-free mobility in a lightweight, ergonomic¿and future-proof¿design.State-of-the-art Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology removes impurities from the incoming signal, enriches sound quality, and maintains a safe, consistent volume level. It is also the first wireless headset for IP telephony that features wideband audio (which at 6.8 kHz is more than twice that of conventional telephony!).It also expands your communications potential with a wireless range of up to 300 feet and conference call capability.

  • Up to 350 feet of wireless freedom
  • Wifi-friendly DECT 6.0 technology
  • Future-proof investment: single headset for traditional and PC phone calls
  • Revolutionary wideband sound for IP calls
  • LCD display for easy set-up of personal sound preferences

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What customers say about Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset?

  1. 43 of 45 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent headset, January 9, 2009

    This review is from: Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset (Office Product)
    This is probably the best wireless headset available now. Excellent sound quality, great range, many controls over audio tone and loudness in the earpiece. There are only two minor problems with this headset: It’s a little finicky to put back in the cradle, and you get just the slightest echo of your own voice in the earpiece. (Very slight, and can be ignored easily, but the Plantronics does not have these problems.)

    The unit has excellent range, and I suffered no loss of audio quality at all when moving anywhere in my house, even with a WiFi network active.

    Compared to the Plantronics CS50/CS55, the Jabra GN9350e comes out on top, for the following reasons:
    -Jabra has better more natural sounding audio quality when you speak, with better frequency response. Plantronics headsets make your voice sound somewhat tinny and muffled by comparison.

    -Jabra has a MUCH better speaker in the earpiece than Plantronics. The Jabra earpiece has pretty good audio quality; not as good as a wired headset, but pretty good. The sound quality you hear in the Plantronics headset is just bad.

    -This unit can also hook into any standard phone that has a corded handset. Plantronics can’t do that.

    This phone is supposed to be able to pair with DECT 6.0 phones, but DECT phones sold in the US don’t have pairing mode buttons, so you’re out of luck there.

    Audio quality when using it with a normal phone is basically perfect.

    Some nitpicks: I didn’t find the leatherette ear cushion comfortable. You’ll want to swap it out for a foam one. Also the included cord for hooking it to your phone necessitates it being right next to the phone. Also, the USB cable is short and mini-USB on the base-unit end, so if you need a longer cable you’ll need to find one elsewhere. It would be nice if they included more “over-the-ear” earpieces like Plantronics does, but I find them uncomfortable and use the over-the-head ban anyway.

    One last thing: Although this unit works great with normal phone and Skype, both this unit and the Plantronics have degraded audio quality when using Teamspeak2. After extensive testing, I can definitely tell you it’s a Teamspeak specific issue; a wired headset will give you much better speaking-audio quality with TS2 (But with Skype/Googletalk/Phone these units are great). The Jabra is usable with TS2, but your friends will prefer you use the wired headset. The Plantronics is basically unusable with Teamspeak because the bad quality of the Plantronics speaker, coupled with the lackluster audio reproduction of TS2, makes it difficult to understand your friends when using TS2 with the Plantronics. With the Jabra you can still hear clearly on TS2, even if your own voice is somewhat degraded. With Teamspeak3 on the other hand, the audio quality of this headset is excellent.

    All in all, I’m pretty happy with this headset. The Plantronics FEELS like a sturdier, better made unit, and is more ergonomic, but ultimately the audio quality differences overcome that and put the Jabra on top.

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  2. 6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Really like Jabra GN9350, August 17, 2010

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset (Office Product)
    I opened the box and had this working with my Cisco IP phone in a matter of minutes with out reading the instructions. I also was able to plug it into my PC and use it with Skype and other applications without cracking the inclosed instructions. This product works just as advertised and as good range around the office. I have used other products from this manufacturer and have been please with them as well.
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  3. 3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Works exceptionally well but may experience issues with AC routers, July 3, 2014

    This review is from: Jabra GN9350e Wireless Headset (Office Product)
    Great range. Decent comfort. Can be subject to interference in WiFi saturated environments.

    Does your Jabra GN9350 or other DECT VOIP headset make clicking sounds? Read on…

    Here is a tip for working with high end wireless routers that use the 5Ghz frequency (n/a/ac) while also using the high end DECT headset (eg Jabra GN9350 headset) connected via USB and operating over VOIP. The advantage of using wifi on the 5Ghz frequency over the old 2.4Ghz frequency band (b/g/legacy n) is that it is super fast (up to 857 Mbps bi-directionally vs 130/300 Mbps), has 2-3 times the range, is less crowed, and is highly stable.

    High end routers achieve their speed by using several bandwidths (20/40/80 Mhz) and channels within those bandwidths simultaneously and by ‘beamforming’ (an algorithm that focuses radio power to a particular device). Note that forcing the DECT phones ensure security hopping across bandwidths and channels.

    Technically the wifi and the DECT transmissions shouldn’t overlap, but I found a very loud clicking, sharp crackling, and near constant static on my DECT headset to the point where it was nearly unusable.

    The issue was in my home office I have multiple wireless devices in one room. A printer and iPhone3 on 2.5Ghz (g/legacy n) , an iPhone5 on 5Ghz (n), two wireless laptop network adapters on 5Ghz (ac), and a DECT headset base. All sorts of radio beams were being focused in the room and saturating all frequencies, bandwidths, and channels.

    Solution… on the router I set the 2.4GHz frequency to use just the 20MHz bandwidth and reduced transmission power to the lowest possible before devices drop off. In my case, I dropped the power from 200mW to just 35mW. The 5Ghz frequency continues spread across the 20/40/80 MHz bandwidths at full power (200mW) . My DECT headset is now crystal clear.

    My equipment
    Router: ASUS RT-AC68
    Wireless AC adapters – Edimax 1200AC and Intel AC 7260HMW
    Home office is 80 linear feet from router, through a wall and up one floor.
    “AC” speed range is 780 – 867 mbps, all signal bars at full .
    Throughput is about 400 Mb per minute to the home network drives (Synology NAS 213)

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