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Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Mic, Black/Silver

Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Mic, Black/Silver

Hesh 2 Wireless is the Bluetooth version of our iconic headphone with a new sleek profile and plush, synthetic leather ear pads. With on-board controls and a rechargeable battery, Hesh 2 Wireless lets you move freely with your playlist.

  • The Hesh 2 is an elevated audio experience housed in a sleek and simplified aesthetic, complete with Supreme Sound
  • Long lasting battery life lasting 12 hours after a full charge. Backup Cable w/ Mic + remote functionality, just in case
  • Powerful 50mm drivers for refreshingly loud and clear playback
  • Noise isolating fit through soft touch leather seal around the ear
  • On-Board Mic pulse remote for taking calls and switching up playlists

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What customers say about Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Mic, Black/Silver?

  1. 258 of 269 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Simple but Perfect, December 30, 2014
    Gmoney (Ma) –

    These headphones are a great substitute if you don’t want to spend $400 on Beats or the Parrot Ziks. They are not bass heavy so if that is what you like, you may want to go with the Beats. These headphones give a nice clean sound and they are very comfortable. As a kid, I was always teased about my big ears. I was shocked at how comfortable these headphones fit over my big ears. I use them for roughly 5 hours a day at work and have no complaints.

    They are well constructed with a great rubbery/plastic feel which is hardly a problem. They are very easy to sync with any Bluetooth device and the features to answer and end phone calls if using a cell phone works great. The only draw back I noticed is that when I answer a call using the phone and not the headphones, the music does not restart in the headphones but comes from the phone’s speaker instead. So, it’s best to use the button on the headphones to answer and end calls. As far as distance goes, I was able to walk 27 feet away from my phone before the music began to cut out. I’m not sure how that stacks up against other Bluetooth headphones.

    I am very happy with these headphones. I saved myself a few hundred dollars by not purchasing the higher end sets. You won’t go wrong with these.

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  2. 118 of 124 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Waited for bluetooth headphones this good., November 14, 2014
    Joshua S (Colorado, USA) –

    Anyone else not impressed by Beats or their prices? Bought some beats and now want wireless? Lost or broke your existing headphones?

    These are your headphones. You can pick them up for around $100 most of the time vs the Beats bluetooth for around $350.

    I bought these at a brick and mortar because Amazon didn’t have these headphones when they first came out, and I searched. Sorry Amazon 🙂 If you have heard the Skullcandy Aviators, then you know the kind of headphones this company can make. The Hesh sound like bluetooth versions of the Aviators to me.


    Passive Noise Cancelling (not active but does well enough for use during mowing and yard work)
    Connectivity (I have a lot of issues with my Plantronics earbuds with staying connected or re-connecting, these are great)
    Controls on the right ear cup are usable and function reliably
    Volume up and down are in fact volume up and down (also fwd and back for audio if you hold the button longer than a tap)
    Comfort (I wear these for 4 hour stints with no issues, this beats out my old Sony wired headset)
    Battery life is good, no problems yet, haven’t had them turn off as I charge each night
    Nice charging port on top of the left ear cup (behind the arm)
    Will play while it’s charging, not a standard feature in this genre
    Materials/feel/design is all very modern and pleasing


    Not as loud on Bluetooth (using the cable isn’t terrible and boots the sound noticeably)
    They don’t fold for storage or travel
    Fabric covering the drivers seems to be loose after just a few uses
    No easy way to check battery level with any accuracy (offers flashing LED response but only when battery is low, give me a 100/75/50/25/10% check voice or LED)

    Overall these are amazing headphones and I couldn’t be happier that I didn’t fall in to the Beats trap. I shopped, listened and waited for the right thing. These look and sound right. I listen to a little of everything and this handles it all cleanly.

    Great for anyone who loves music, podcasts, audiobooks, or just watching some video on your phone/laptop/tablet. These even pair nicely with my Dish Network Hopper so that I can watch loud action movies/tv shows at a good volume while my 22 month old daughter sleeps.

    I’ll be taking these on a business trip next month and wont have to worry about looking like a kid with bright colored crazy headphones (I’m in my mid 30’s) Skullcandy does offer the crazy colors if you want that too.

    I’ve had these just over a month and will update with more info.

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  3. 73 of 80 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Buy them now!, October 6, 2015

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I use these everyday at the gym for about 2 hours. The battery life is fantastic. I rarely charge it, but when I do it charges super quickly. They are very comfortable and I can wear them for a long time. The ears are very padded and soft.

    They come with the cord but the wireless feature has been amazing. I hate getting tangled in cord or having to have my phone in a band on my arm because my phone is huge. The sound is great. I don’t think they’re necessarily noise canceling but they block out A LOT. You can walk away from your music source but can’t go entirely too far before it cuts out.

    I always tell people I made a great investment in these headphones because that’s how I feel.
    And you can also change the songs by holding down the plus or minus button for the volume. That’s one thing I didn’t know but found that to be another plus.

    I’ve had these for quite some time now and haven’t had an issue so I highly recommend them!

    I also attached a photo for size reference.

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